About HULK 4x4: 4WD & Off Road Vehicle Accessories

100% Australian Owned & Operated, HULK 4X4 is the choice for Off-Roading & Four-Wheel Drive enthusiasts who do not follow in others tracks & are not afraid of forging their own path.

Our core mission at HULK 4X4 is to supply the best products for the off-roading community, everything you & your mates will need to be ready to get your rigs to your next off-road destination & back time after time. HULK 4X4 is focused on anticipating & understanding your future needs through developing & growing our product range to bring you new, innovative, & hard-wearing gear.

You can be confident you are backed by strong support from our HULK 4X4 community. The team at HULK 4X4 have an unwavering passion for off-roading, a love of the great outdoors, going off the grid, aren’t afraid of gettin’ dirty, & don’t back down when the going gets tough. We love sharing our knowledge, learning new techniques & receiving feedback to continuously refine our products for the HULK 4X4 community.

HULK 4X4 is committed to supplying quality & dependable equipment that can withstand vigorous conditions when you’re stuck in a sticky situation. If it doesn’t pass our stringent testing regime & quality control processes, it cannot & will not become a HULK 4X4 product.

Be confident to take on any adventure with HULK 4X4.


HULK 4x4 products are currently available nationwide through various distributors.

If you have any product suggestions or updates, then contact us we’d like to hear them. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the right product at the right price for your next off-road adventure.