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About Our DC-to-DC Chargers with Solar Input

Upgrade your dual battery system and embrace sustainable power with a DC to DC charger with solar input. These innovative chargers seamlessly integrate with solar panels, transforming sunlight into usable energy to charge your auxiliary battery.

Hulk 4x4 offers a range of DC to DC battery chargers with solar input, catering to different needs and budgets. Here's what sets them apart:

  • They efficiently manage power flow between your vehicle's main battery, your auxiliary battery, and your connected solar panels.
  • Many models boast advanced features like multi-stage charging, ensuring optimal charging for your auxiliary battery, extending its lifespan.
  • Connect your chosen solar panels (sold separately) to harness the sun's power and keep your auxiliary battery topped up, especially during extended off-grid adventures.
  • Find a charger with the perfect amperage rating to match your power consumption needs and solar panel capabilities.

Invest in a DC-to-DC charger with solar input

Investing in a DC-to-DC charger with solar input offers a multitude of benefits. Ditch noisy, smelly generators and embrace the quiet, clean power of the sun. Solar energy is free and readily available, minimising your reliance on expensive campsites with hookups. Reduce your carbon footprint and leave a lighter tread on the environment. Keep your fridge running, lights on, and other essentials powered, even in remote locations with limited access to traditional power sources.

Find Your Perfect Solar DCDC Charger Match

Choosing the right DCDC charger with solar input boils down to two key factors, amperage rating and input and output voltage. Amperage rating determines the amount of current the charger can handle. Consider the power requirements of your auxiliary battery and connected accessories when choosing the appropriate amperage rating. Input and output ensures your chosen DCDC charger is compatible with your vehicle's main battery voltage (typically 12V or 24V) and the voltage of your auxiliary battery.

Shop our collection of 12V DC to DC chargers or 24V DC to DC chargers to find the best charger compatible to your systems.

Power Up Your Solar DCDC Charger with the Sun

Browse Hulk 4x4's extensive range of DC-to-DC chargers with solar input today. From finding the perfect charger to choosing compatible solar panels (available separately), we have everything you need to transform your 4WD into a solar-powered machine.

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DCDC Charger with Solar Input FAQs

How long will it take to receive my DCDC with solar charger?

We aim to provide our customers with the fastest possible delivery times. Once you place your order, we'll process it promptly. An in-stock product usually ships within two business days. Depending on the item and where it is delivered to, it should take 2-7 business days to arrive.

Does a DCDC charger with solar input replace a solar charger?

No, a DC-to-DC charger with solar input does not replace a solar charger on its own. In some cases, a solar charger can be used alongside a DC-to-DC charger with solar input for a more comprehensive off-grid power solution. For example, a solar charger could be used to directly power small devices like phones, while the DC-to-DC charger with solar input focuses on keeping your auxiliary battery topped up for larger applications in your 4WD.

How do I install a DC-DC charger with solar input?

The installation of a DC-DC charger with solar input will vary depending on the specific model of the charger and the layout of your solar system. However, the general steps are as follows:
1. Mount the charger in a well-ventilated location.
2. Connect the solar panels to the charger.
3. Connect the batteries to the charger.
4. Connect the charger to the DC power source.
5. Configure the charger settings.