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Portable Power Packs

Forget bulky generators and tangled cords. Hulk 4x4's portable power packs are designed for the modern adventurer. Our diverse collection offers something for everyone, with rugged 12 volt lithium power packs capable of powering your camping fridge, essential lights and devices.

Power Packs for the Rugged Terrain of the Australian Outback

Hulk 4x4 understands the demands of off-road exploration. That's why our camping power packs are built to withstand the elements. These portable powerhouses are ready to tackle any adventure you throw their way.

More Than Just Portable Power

Our lithium power packs for camping offer a range of features to enhance your experience. Multiple USB ports keep your devices charged, LED flashlights illuminate your campsite, and digital displays provide clear power readings, ensuring you're always in control.

The Perfect Power Companion

Hulk 4x4 recognizes that every camping trip is unique. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of portable camping power packs to suit your specific needs and budget. Explore our collection and discover the perfect companion for your next off-grid adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Power Packs for Camping

Can I use a 12 volt portable power pack for camping?

Absolutely! A 12 volt portable power pack is ideal for powering essential 12V appliances commonly used while camping, such as lights, fans, and even small refrigerators. They offer a compact and budget-friendly solution for your next off-grid trip.

What is the difference between a lithium power pack and a traditional camping power pack?

A lithium power pack for camping offers several advantages over traditional lead-acid options. A lithium battery 12 volt power pack significantly lighter, more compact, and boast longer lifespans. Additionally, they offer faster charging times and more efficient power delivery, making them the preferred choice for modern camping enthusiasts.

How long will a portable 12v power pack last on a camping trip?

The runtime of a 12V power pack for camping depends on your usage and the model you choose. Hulk 4x4 offers power packs with various capacities to cater to different camping styles and durations. Explore our collection to find the pack that fits with your energy usage.

Can I charge my portable battery power pack while camping?

Yes! Many Hulk 4x4 portable battery power packs for camping can be re-charged in 4 ways, including DC-DC from your vehicle, 2m DC car charger lead included. They also feature solar charging capabilities, allowing you to harness the sun's energy to replenish your pack and stay powered up throughout your trip. This eco-friendly feature contributes to a sustainable and self-sufficient camping experience.

Are portable power packs safe to use for camping?

Safety is paramount at Hulk 4x4. Our portable power packs for camping are built with advanced technology and safety features like Off / On Battery Isolator Switch and 2 x Protected external high current battery terminals, ensuring your safety and peace of mind while enjoying the outdoors.

Do you offer any accessories for your portable power packs?

Yes! Hulk 4x4 provides a variety of camping accessories to enhance your touring experience. Explore our range of camping solar panels and DC to DC lithium chargers to maximise your power pack's functionality and convenience.