HULK 4x4 10 Way Blade Fuse Box That's Weatherproof


Protect your Electrical System with a 10 Way Weatherproof Blade Fuse Box

Safeguard your 4WD or boat's electrical system with our 10 Way Weatherproof Blade Fuse Box. This durable, heavy-duty fuse box is designed to withstand the rigours of off-road adventures and marine environments.


What makes this Blade Fuse Box Weatherproof:

Our weatherproof fuse box features a dual-clipped cover and rubber gasket to provide a sealed fitment, effectively shielding your fuses from dust, grime, moisture, and corrosion. This robust protection helps prevent electrical hazards.


A 10 Way Fuse Box Designed for Easy Installation

Panel mount applications and push-on terminals at the back of the panel make installation a breeze, even for DIY enthusiasts.


Individual LED Indicators for Blown Fuses

Individual LED indicators quickly identify blown fuses, allowing for easy troubleshooting. Plus, the box holds up to 6 spare fuses, ensuring you're always prepared for any electrical issues.


ATS Blade Fuse Compatibility

This fuse box is compatible with standard ATS blade fuses and boasts a maximum voltage of 32V and a maximum amperage of 25A per circuit. This ensures it can handle the electrical demands of various applications, keeping your 4x4 or boat's electrical system running smoothly.


Upgrade your Blade Fuse Protection

Invest in the 10 Way Weatherproof Blade Fuse Box and enjoy peace of mind knowing your electrical system is shielded from the elements and potential hazards. Order yours today and experience the difference!


Hulk 4x4 10 Way Weatherproof Blade Fuse Box Highlights:

  • Suits standard ATS blade fuses
  • Panel mount applications
  • Push on terminals at the back of the panel
  • Included dual clipped cover to protect from dust, grime & water
  • Heavy duty surface mount rubber gasket for sealed fitment
  • Individual LED indicators to allow at a quick glance which fuse is blown
  • Holds up to 6 spare fuses
  • Max volts: 32v
  • Max Amps: 25a per circuit


FAQs about the 10 Way Weatherproof Blade Fuse Box


Is this blade fuse box compatible with my 4WD or boat?

This blade fuse box is compatible with standard ATS blade fuses, which are commonly used in automotive and marine applications. To ensure compatibility, check the type of fuses used in your vehicle or boat before purchasing.

How do I install this blade fuse box?

The installation process for this blade fuse box is straightforward and can be done by most DIY enthusiasts. The box is designed for panel mount applications, and push-on terminals at the back of the panel facilitate easy wiring.

How does this blade fuse box protect fuses from weather and damage?

The weatherproof design of this blade fuse box, including its dual-clipped cover and rubber gasket, provides effective protection against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. This helps prevent corrosion, damage, and potential electrical hazards.

What are the individual LED indicators for?

The individual LED indicators associated with each fuse provide a quick visual indication of a blown fuse. This allows for easy identification and troubleshooting of any electrical issues.

Dimensions L: 123mm W: 88mm H: 33mm

Dimensions L: 123mm W: 88mm H: 33mm

SKU HU1730
Barcode # 9356659110203
Brand Hulk

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