New Ignite Halogen & Xenon Headlight Globes

Date Posted:20 March 2024 

Ignite, a leading provider of automotive lighting solutions, has launched a line of Halogen and Xenon headlight replacement globes.

Available through HULK 4X4, these new replacement globes are designed with exceptional quality and produced to OEM specifications to offer superior performance and reliability. They are manufactured on the same production line used for leading vehicle manufacturers, which ensures the highest level of excellence through ISO/IATF quality management systems.

With premium materials meeting international OEM standards and certified with ECE and DOT certifications, Ignite’s headlight globes provide drivers with a safe and legal lighting solution, approved for use on Australian roads (excluding rally).

Ignite’s new headlight globes offer a best-in-class replacement experience, enhancing visibility and safety on the road, with a range of halogen and xenon options available to meet different requirements.

The 12V Halogen standard replacement globes are designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability. These globes boast an extended Long Life range where possible, providing a lifespan of up to two times longer than the minimum ECE requirement of standard halogen globes. This impressive longevity makes them the preferred globe of choice for many OEM car manufacturers, ensuring a consistent lighting experience over an extended period.

For Bus and Truck applications, Ignite also provides a range of 24V Halogen globes in both Standard and Rally variants, catering to a wide range of needs.

The Halogen Upgrade options are designed to provide drivers with better visibility and clearer illumination on the road, with two categories available – More Light and White Light globes.

The Plus 200% upgrade offers a whiter and clearer light compared to standard/long-life globes, providing up to 200% more intensity to enable drivers to see further down the road and react to potential hazards.

The Plus 150% upgrade offers a similar improvement in visibility, providing up to 150% more light intensity.

For those looking for a cool white light appearance, Ignite’s Halogen Upgrades 4300K bulbs would be ideal. With the latest coating formula, these globes deliver a stunning 4300 Kelvin cool white light, similar to the appearance of Xenon headlights.  They significantly improve visibility by illuminating road markings during night driving, reducing eye fatigue, and enhancing the overall driving experience.

Ignite also offers Xenon HID replacement globes for vehicles equipped with Xenon headlight technology. These reliable and affordable OEM replacement globes provide high-intensity light output, with 42V and 85V globe options available.

Also available from Ignite are LED retrofit headlight and signalling globes, as well as electronic and resistor CANbus kits.

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