Switch Up with HULK Professional Series

Date Posted:18 October 2022 

The HULK Professional Series Smart 8 Switch Panel allows you tocan control up to eight different auxiliary LED lights or electrical devices.

Suitable for 4WDs, as well as SUVs, caravans and trucks, the 8 Switch Panel features 64 programmable backlit colours and has a complementary smartphone app to ensure absolute control at your fingertips.

Users can As well as customising customise the unit’s appearance via the app to match the vehicle’s dash lights or to suit your their mood, . It also allows you them to remotely control all the switches, perfect for turning off the camplights when heading to bed or from around the fire.

With three functions (on/off, momentary and pulsed), a high beam trigger for driving lights and light bars to meet ADR approvals and a compact design, the HULK Professional Series 8 Switch Panel is a must have for anyone wanting to kit out their vehicle.

The 8 Switch Panel (HU1300) operates at 12/24V DC and comes with 70 decals and a full accessory kit for complete installation, including spare 60A fuses for the main power supply.

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