Upgrade Vehicle Monitoring with HULK Professional Series

Date Posted:2 May 2024 

HULK Professional Series has launched a new range of Analogue Gauges, enabling users to upgrade and enhance the monitoring capabilities of their vehicles.

Eight 12 Volt analogue units are featured within the range, with each gauge specialising on different areas of the vehicle and its performance.

Each gauge is easy to read, displaying the relevant information clearly and accurately, and features 10 colour LED backlit options, allowing users to personalise their vehicle’s interior.

The five-level day/night dimming function allows users to easily adjust the brightness to match driving conditions, to enhance visibility during the day, and ensure optimal visibility at night.

Thanks to their compact and sleek design of 52mm / 2”, the new HULK Professional Series analogue gauges fit seamlessly into vehicle’s dashboards.

For hassle-free installation, an electric sender is included with the gauges where applicable, which ensures compatibility and a seamless monitoring experience.

The new Fuel Level Gauge (HU8400) monitors the vehicle’s fuel levels to enable the user to make informed decisions regarding refuelling.

The Water Level Gauge (HU8402) monitors engine coolant temperature to prevent overheating and ensure proper engine function.

The Oil Temperature Gauge (HU8403) helps the user keep an eye on vehicle engine oil temperatures and detect potential engine issues, with the Oil Pressure Gauge (HU8406) enables the engine’s oil pressure to be monitored.

The Water Temperature Gauge (HU8404) is ideal for checking the engine cooling system and detecting any potential issues.

The Exhaust Temperature Gauge (HU8405) monitor the vehicle’s exhaust gas temperature to detect potential engine issues and is designed to operate in high temperatures with a thermocouple sensor.

The Boost Gauge Diesel (HU8407) when paired with the Boost Gauge Sender Unit monitors the turbocharger or supercharger’s pressure for optimal engine performance.

Capping off the new range from HULK Professional Series is the Voltmeter Gauge (HU8408) which provides real-time readings of the vehicle’s electrical voltage, allowing the user to monitor the health and performance of the battery and charger systems.

These new gauges and suited equipment are available now from HULK Professional Series.

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