Hulk 4X4 Step For 4WD Takes Top Prize At AAAE

Date Posted:7 April 2022 

The HULK 4X4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step has been named one of the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Products at the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAE), held recently in Melbourne.

At the Expo – the HULK 4X4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step stole the show, claiming top honours in the 4WD category.

HULK 4X4 are thrilled that the HULK 4X4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step has been recognised by the aftermarket industry for its innovative features and functionality.

The HULK 4X4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step is a product that was engineered to innovate. The HULK 4X4 team saw a product commonly used by off road enthusiasts and improved on it in nearly every aspect.

Since its launch, it has quickly become one of the most popular lines in the rapidly expanding HULK 4X4 range.

The HULK 4X4 Adjustable Door Step is the only patented product of its kind that universally works on both the front and back doors of most vehicles, giving its users more access to the roof.

With its long extendable platform, it allows for a safe, flat grip, all while being strong, yet compact and easy to transport.

The ultimate aim of the HULK 4X4 range is to be a trusted partner in the off-road lifestyle, providing everything required to fit out off-road vehicles completely.

The team at HULK 4X4 are enthusiasts themselves, understanding what the industry wants and needs, ensuring the product range responds and expands in line with the latest trends and customers’ needs

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