Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

Date Posted:16 January 2024 

The HULK 4X4 crew recently played a part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) Fundraising Event held at The Springs 4x4 Park, it was a thrilling three-day gathering focused on all things 4x4.

With great support from the 4WD and camping community, everyone rallied together for a great cause - raising awareness about the importance of regular check-ups with medical professionals to detect breast cancer early.

Amidst the event, they engaged in meaningful conversations while enjoying the camaraderie around the campfire. Witnessing extraordinary displays of skill and talent driving up steep terrain, they also had the opportunity to make new friends and create cherished memories.

Despite facing a mechanical challenge in having to replace the CV joint on the HULK 4X4 LandCruiser, the team still had an amazing time, and was proud to support the NBCF’s crucial research and raising awareness.

For more information on NBCF, please visit their website at: nbcf.org.au

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